Australian Satellite Communications Pty Ltd (ASC) trading as Australian Satellite Services provides a wide range of satellite communications solutions throughout Australia and the surrounding region.

Since it's establishment in 1985 Australian Satellite Services has steadily grown to become recognised in the industry as a prime satellite communications system integrator and supplier of satellite communications equipment in Australia

We provide total satellite communications solutions for the entertainment , military, marine, transport, agricultural, mining and oil and gas industries.

Australian Satellite Services has supplied, installed and supported many thousands of satellite communications systems. In addition, the specialisation in TV and FM rebroadcasting and 2 way high speed Internet access, particularly throughout the remote parts of Australia, has provided a source of entertainment for thousands of households in the previously unreachable parts of the Australian outback.

Australian Satellite Services' experience in supporting satellite communication equipment extends to appointments as national distributor and service agent for some of the leading manufacturers in this industry, in Australia and the USA, such as Channel Master antennas, ViaSat VSAT products, Scientific Atlanta, Westinghouse Wireless Solutions (purchased by AID) and NEC. For the Westinghouse mobile satellite product range, Australian Satellite Services is the sole National Service Centre agent in Australia, and provides service, warranty and technical support to thousands of customers Australia wide.

In-house engineering and consulting capabilities enable Australian Satellite Services to tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. Australian Satellite Services works closely with equipment suppliers, service providers and satellite operators in order to provide the best solution for our customers.

Our competencies in the satellite communications field are vast and include:

  • System design, supply, installation and ongoing support of satellite communications solutions for:
    • Voice
    • Facsimile
    • Internet Access
    • Data Transfer
    • Video and audio broadcasting
    • Video conferencing
    • Telemetry, monitoring and control of remote facilities
    • Vehicle tracking and monitoring
    • Bundled communication services

All of these services can be provided for fixed site, portable and mobile applications, using L, Ku or C Band transmissions as required.

  • System design, supply, installation and ongoing support of TV and FM Radio rebroadcasting services including all site, building and power requirements.
  • Development and manufacture of hardware for specialised satellite antenna mounting systems.
  • Engineering consultancy services for satellite, UHF and FM rebroadcasting.

We provide total satellite communications solutions for the entertainment , military, marine, transport, agricultural, mining and oil and gas industries.

We offer a wide range of satellite communications products ranging from portable satellite terminals for voice and data through to major earth station installations both fixed and mobile.

See our range of mobile satellite phones including Globalstar's Ericsson and Telit models, Optus MobileSat ; our Globalstar fixed satellite phones and our Satellite payphones.

We also have an extensive range of satellite phones for hire - short or long term.

Our major resource, our people, are highly skilled and well trained in all areas of satellite communication. From design of complex communication networks and consulting through to complex satellite installations, satellite repairs and satellite maintenance programs.

Quality is of paramount importance in our industry and that’s exactly how we approach it. We operate according to an internal Quality Management System and all of our operational processes both in the office and in the field, conform to strict quality procedures and guidelines.

Latest development

Australian Satellite Services has teleport facilities available for housing of satellite equipment, utilising its array of satellite earthstations located in Thebarton SA. We have earthstations on PAS8 Ku band and C Band, PAS2 Ku Band that can be utilised to provide good coverage of not only Australia and New Zealand, but also the Asia Pacific region on PAS8 C Band. Facilities include a temperature controlled equipment room currently housing 6 racks of equipment, but capable of expansion up to 18 racks. The equipment room is powered from a 20kVA UPS with 80kVA diesel generator backup. Our 24x7 help desk provides constant monitoring of the facility to ensure that any alarms are acted on and rectified as soon as possible.

Australian Satellite Services facilities in Adelaide