Past Events - ASC presents at AADES conference

AADES 2011July 2011, Paul Krzystoszek our Operations and Marketing Manager, travelled to Hobart to present at the Australian Association of Distance Education Schools (AADES), National Conference.
At this conference Paul discussed "Use of broadband to enable education services and health models in remote areas", focussing his discussion on the STARS network which was implemented by ASC for the NT Government.

The STARS network is an interactive distance learning application which won an ATUG award for the efficient use of bandwidth in distance learning. Satellite technology is an integral vehicle in the delivery of education services in remote areas of Australia.
This conference highlighted the latest developments in the field of distance education. It showcased a mix of technological advancements available to help deliver this distance learning.
ASC was delighted to share it's experience and knowledge in distance education delivery with all who attended this conference.