Chris Joseland

Chris established Australian Satellite Services in 1985, initially to provide communications in outback Australia. He has built ASCS into a multi-million dollar business and a leading competitor in the satellite communications sector, not only in the rural and remote regions but Australia-wide.


John Clay BE, MBA, LLB

John as the Commercial Officer is responsible for the commercial and legal aspects of the company's operations. John has very diverse commercial experience with an extensive engineering background in project and contract management of large communication and engineering projects and in addition is a qualified solicitor.



Mark Borgas BE (Hons) P. Eng.

Mark has a broad engineering experience in TV and radio broadcasting, defence projects, radars, and satellite systems. Where customers have special requirements for satellite communications, Mark will develop a complete solution to meet their needs.


Peter Crook BE(Hons), BSc.

Peter is an experienced electrical and communications engineer. He has worked in the aviation industry with navigational aids and HF, VHF and UHF radio communications. Peter is responsible for project planning, technical standards, field engineering and maintenance.


Trevor Chapman

Trevor is an experienced project and installation manager, well accustomed to the logistics and supervision of widely dispersed installations in remote areas of Australia. Recently, he managed the roll out of a 250 site VSAT network throughout Australia.



Paul Krzystoszek BE(Mech), MIE Aust.

Paul is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's policies, processes and procedures for installation, maintenance and materials handling, Paul's capacity as the company's Operations Manager also encompasses the design, implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management System (QMS).


Diana Martin

Diana has worked in the satellite broadcasting industry for nearly 10 years. She is the Project Administrator of all our TVRO , installation, service and support business. Diana is the focal point in ASCS for our sub-contractors Australia-wide.


Chris Doe Ass. Dip. Eng.

Chris runs our projects and collaborates with Mark on system design and implementation. Chris is our expert on community re-broadcasting systems for TV and radio and re-broadcasting for education and training applications.



Tony Collett

Tony has a broad portfolio of commercial experience in the mining, manufacturing, packaging and transport industries. Tony is responsible for the development of our satellite mobile products market. His main focus is the management, development and support of dealer networks for mobile satellite products.


Andrew Jenkins BSc.

Andrew has come to ASCS with extensive communications experience. He is our senior sales engineer responsible for satellite mobile products.


Susie Higgins

Susie is the focal point at ASCS for our dealers and handles sales and logistics. She is respected for her integrity and efficiency throughout the dealer channel. Susie also has the ability to assist with product issues, technical issues and project administration.



Kathy Joseland  B. Ed.

Kathy is our Administration Manager and is responsible for the functioning of the company's administration and financial management. Since the company's inception Kathy has provided the company with sound commercial acumen, helping it to grow into the successful business it is today.


Vicki Reed

Vicki is the Office Administrator responsible for accounts payable and receivable. Vicki is the first point of contact regarding any queries in these areas. Vicki has been involved with the company for numerous years and her knowledge and skill in administration and accounts is invaluable.



Australian Satellite and CableVision Services Pty Ltd is in the business of providing and supporting satellite communications solutions for the purpose of Business, Education and Entertainment. By delivery to Government, Commercial, Retail and Trade clients, a quality product and high level of customer service; we will achieve a profit and a return on investment.


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