Australian Satellite Services has installed and serviced many thousands of TVROs around Australia. Some installations have included re-broadcasting services for local communities. Contract maintenance and retrofit services are also available.



Australian Satellite Services has installed many thousands of consumer and professional satellite receive terminals around Australia. The professional terminals are often associated with community AM or FM local broadcasting stations, or with community health and education networks. It is on this market that ASCS has now focussed to the exclusion of the consumer market. ASCS imports or sources locally a range of antennas, receivers, power supplies, LNB's and antenna tracking equipment for the custom building of professional satellite receive stations. Engineering design, installation and maintenance are available to provide a comprehensive service for these operators.



ASCS can provide the planning and system design for your TV or radio community broadcasting system, transmitters, antennas power supplies, control computers and basic studio equipment comprise the hardware to be integrated into an overall design. Cost effective designs can be implemented with imported and locally sourced components. Application for frequency licensing and the design and testing of propagation schemes complete the services available for a turnkey operation.



Commercial earth station antennas and equipment are also available from ASCS. New or refurbished antennas up to around 13m size, and equipped for C band or Ku band operation can be provided. ASCS can also provide a complete engineering service including the calculation of link budgets and system design and integration. Special applications such as the operation of video conferencing and IP networks over satellite can be provided. ASCS can also arrange space segment bandwidth from a number of satellite operators.


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