News - ASC launches shared C-band service for the Pacific

Following on from the success of our Ku-band service right across the Pacific utilising several
beams of the GE-23 satellite, ASC has launched the shared C-band service, on the same satellite.GE-23 C-band coverage map
With coverage extending from New Zealand as far north as Japan and a large part of China and almost everything in between, this service is already raising a great deal of interest.
Superior rain fade performance and small antenna size (1.8m) make this particular service from ASC very attractive for tropical regions.
ASC's shared C-band service utilises the proven and industry leading iDirect Evolution platform, in which ASC has built significant expertise, being one of the first hub operators in the region. ASC has also recently secured over a full transponder of bandwidth on this beam in order to service its existing customers and additional capacity to cater for future customers.
Please contact us to learn more about how shared C-band service can be used in your organisation.