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Chris Joseland, Managing Director

Chris established Australian Satellite Services in 1985. The initial goal of the company was to provide communications in outback Australia coinciding with the launch of Aussat 1, Australia's first domestic satellite. Since then Chris has played a pivotal role in expanding the business to where it is today.

He is extensively involved in the decision-making processes relating to the strategic direction the company undertakes and implementing new strategies for future growth.

Chris' commercial acumen and sound knowledge and experience of satellite communications has seen Australian Satellite Services undertake many major projects for organisations such as the Defence Department, UN, telecommunications carriers as well as many major corporate and government clients.

Australian Satellite Services is now a multi-million dollar business and a leading competitor in the satellite communications sector, not only in the rural and remote regions but Australia-wide and beyond, primarily due to the leadership Chris has provided to the Company.

Kathy Joseland, Administration Managers

Kathy is responsible for the functioning of the company's administration and financial management. She has helped to grow the company to where it is today since it's inception in 1985. Having 17 years of experience in the satellite communication industry, Kathy is a true asset to Australian Satellite Services.

Kathy understands issues and the requirement for remote business communications having lived and operated business in remote Australia for over a decade.

Kathy is extensively involved in assisting the decision-making processes relating to the strategic direction the company undertakes

Together with Chris Joseland, Kathy possesses sound commercial acumen in starting up and growing businesses. Her expertise in understanding and analysing financial information together with her skills in business organisation have contributed to the growth of the Company so far, and, is well placed to continue into the future.

Mark Borgas, Engineering Manager

Mark has an RF Engineering background with 10 years experience working for a major telecommunications company in Australia, mainly in the defence and broadcast areas. He spent five years working in the Broadcasting division where he was involved with various satellite TV applications, and numerous TV and FM radiobroadcast installation projects throughout SA and NT.

Since Mark has been with Australian Satellite Services he has accumulated an extensive knowledge of satellite communications systems. He has been involved in many successful projects undertaken by the company and is extensively involved in preparation of technical solutions, which our company can offer in order to satisfy our customers' requirements.

Mark is also an integral member of the management team involved in assisting the decision-making processes relating to the strategic direction the company undertakes

Paul Krzystoszek, Operations Manager

Paul has a Mechanical Engineering background with significant number of years of senior management experience. Paul's capacity as the company's Operations Manager encompasses the design, implementation and maintenance of our internal Quality Management System.

Paul oversees all our Sales, Marketing and Business Development activities across retail and significant, national Dealer Network. He is extensively involved in assisting the decision-making processes relating to the strategic direction the company undertakes. He also assists in planning the product rollouts once the product becomes part of our extensive products and services portfolio. Paul participates in the preparation of tender bids and negotiations relating to new contracts, projects and products.

Trevor Chapman, Service Manager

Trevor is responsible for managing a team of qualified and experienced technical staff who undertake the installation, testing, maintenance and service of a wide range of satellite telecommunications products and equipment.

Trevor has 40 years of experience, including working for large Telecommunication and Defence project organisations. His skills are in leading teams such as installation, installation design/drafting, support, contract management and supervision roles with maintenance and service personnel. Trevor has extensive experience in Project Management.

Trevor, as part of the management team is extensively involved in assisting the decision-making processes relating to the strategic direction the company undertakes
While working at Australian Satellite Services he has been the project manager for several large VSAT installation projects with up to 250 installations for major network providers such as OPTUS, Viasat and Heartland as well as smaller projects for the Department of Defence. Trevor has developed & provided training for our VSAT subcontractors.

Peter Crook, Project Engineer

Peter is an experienced electrical and communications engineer. He has previously worked within Australia's Civil Aviation industry in the electrical and radio disciplines.

Since joining the telecommunications industry he has been involved with the GSM rollout for a major telecommunications company and more lately in satellite communications with Australian Satellite Services. In his role as Projects Engineer, Peter has supervised in several overseas VSAT projects. He has also been extensively involved in our maintenance and support program in remote Australia.

Con Kondilis, Business Development Executive

Con has over 10 years of experience in the technical sales and business development area. He brings to our company wealth of experience from working for a major multinational prior to joining us. He is responsible for determining market opportunities for new products, which the company takes on ensuring profitability to the company and fit into our extensive products portfolio.

Con's responsibilities include maintenance and development of new client relationships, which includes determining the best possible solution our company can offer to satisfy customer requirements.

David Harris, Dealer Channel Cooordinator

David is responsible for managing all activities relating to an efficient flow of products and information throughout our national dealer network. His responsibilities entail preparation of communication material, dealer bulletins and promotional material and activities.

David has extensive experience in supplying telephony and other communication solutions to customers.

Amir Khalil, Communications Engineer

Amir has had 5 years experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunication industries. He has completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Communication Engineering) at RMIT University of Victoria, and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

His main role is to provide engineering solutions for various customer enquiries primarily relating to local and wide area computer networking. He is also the office network administrator and assists with management and implementation of various projects.

John Arnold, VSAT Products Manager

John brings to our company many years of experience from working with large multinational organisations involved in providing satellite communication solutions. He utilises many years of his technical / sales expertise to focus on the VSAT products range that our company offers and offer customeised VSAT type applications for our customers.

Technical staff

We are also very proud of our highly skilled and dedicated team of technicians.


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