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megaWATCH is a SNMP software based Network Management Application designed and developed by Vados Systems.  It is Windows based and allows customers to monitor their network and gather useful information about the condition and status of any Vados or non Vados products that have been deployed on that network.   

The application is an extremely powerful tool that creates networks maps, which are graphical views of the network and its configuration. It can regularly poll each piece of equipment in the network or receive ‘traps’ and provides a status on each element, right down to the port level. In addition, users are able to access and reconfigure Vados equipment remotely.

megaWATCH 2000 is based on client Server Architecture  and can be deployed as a standalone system or distributed across a number of workstations communicating with a Server. Server Databases can be supported on Windows or Unix operating systems.  megaWATCH also supports a “manager of managers” function where a number of servers need to be deployed for managing large networks.  

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