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vadACCESS is a “mid range” chassis based platform that provides a robust, reliable and highly supportable solution to the demand for multi-service communications and vastly increased bandwidth efficiency. 

vadACCESS enables effective communication between sites in an enterprise network using a single telecommunications platform that aggregates and transmit two-way voice/data over almost any bearer (radio, satellite or terrestrial).

This means that even remote sites on the edge of a customer network can use the same equipment and receive the same services as other sites in the network.  Staff at regional and remotely located sites can access the same toll quality voice and data communication channels as their headquarter-based colleagues.

A variety of data streams (voice, TCP/IP, legacy traffic like X.25) can be carried over the vadACCESS platforms, even latency sensitive traffic.  Also, a single vadOS operating system ensures maximum network scalability and control. 

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