Australian Satellite Services

Australian Satellite Services is setting a new paradigm for broadband Internet usage by providing access to the Internet via Two-Way Satellite.

Who can benefit from our Service?

Access to the Internet provides a customer with the opportunity to use a range of online services. Online banking and e-commerce applications are in mainstream use, providing new efficiencies for both the customer and the institutions providing such services.

Australian Satellite Services recognises that many Australians in regional and remote areas do not have the ability to reliably connect to a broadband Internet Service Provider, predominately due to the poor quality of telephone lines. In many areas, local call Internet access is not available, resulting in additional STD expense for access. The benefits of online services are lost without reliable and inexpensive Internet access.

Our service can benefit those customers in locations where Internet access is not possible or sufficiently reliable.

Similar equipment is used extensively throughout the world and provides communications services to individuals and businesses where there are no terrestrial alternatives. Most services in Australia today are provided by terrestrial means - usually via a dial-in telephone call. In some cases the download path can be satellite, with a terrestrial upload path. All of these services depend upon reliable terrestrial communications and a telephone call connection to an Internet Service Provider.

Our two-way satellite solution avoids the need for any reliance on terrestrial lines, and our connection to the Internet is effectively “always on”.

Service Description

Our two-way satellite service is based around the satellite control centre, known as the “hub”.

The system uses a geostationary satellite with a “footprint” across Australia to communicate between our hub and the customer.

To access the system, a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is installed at a customer’s premises, and is configured to “talk” to the hub. The VSAT terminal consists of approximately 1.2m satellite dish, and indoor unit (IDU) (approximately the size of a VCR) with two coaxial cables between the dish and the IDU. An Ethernet port is provided for connection to customers Local Area Network (LAN).

VSAT & Satellite Antenna Hardware

There are technical implications regarding the sizing of the dish that relate to the reliability of the service and location in the satellite footprint. In majority of cases, a 1.2m dish will be required.

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