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Since it's establishment in 1985 Australian Satellite Communications Pty Ltd has steadily grown to become recognised in the industry as a prime satellite communications system integrator and supplier of satellite communications equipment in Australia

We provide total satellite communications solutions for the entertainment , military, marine, transport, agricultural, mining and oil and gas industries.

We offer a wide range of satellite communications products ranging from portable satellite terminals for voice and data through to major earth station installations both fixed and mobile.

See our range of mobile satellite phones including Globalstar Ericsson and Telit models, Optus MobileSat and Marine Kits; our Globalstar fixed satellite phones and our satellite payphones.

We also have an extensive range of satellite phones for hire - short or long term.

We offer a wide range of services such as our in-house service, repair and satellite installation centre as well as preventative maintenance and supply programs for remote sites located around the country and the region.

Our major resource, our people, are highly skilled and well trained in all areas of satellite communication. From design of complex communication networks and consulting through to complex satellite installations, satellite repairs and satellite maintenance programs.

Quality is of paramount importance in our industry and that’s exactly how we approach it. We operate according to an internal Quality Management System and all of our operational processes both in the office and in the field, conform to strict quality procedures and guidelines.

Satellite Australia Communications Services, Tracking and Equipment

Recent industry projects:

Survivor III: AfricaLink Entertainment Industry
The successful completion of two Survivor series projects.


Oil & Gas Industry projectLink Oil & Gas Industry
Design and installation of a VSAT Network linking sites in Australia, East Timor and the Timor Sea via C Band PanAmSat 8 satellite.