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Major Projects

Oil and Gas industry - Timor Sea Offshore

Oil & Gas Industry projectAustralian Satellite Services has designed and installed a VSAT Network linking sites in Australia, East Timor and the Timor Sea via C Band PanAmSat 8 satellite, to provide a fully meshed voice and data network. A fully redundant Network Control System (NCS) based at Australian Satellite Services headquarters in Adelaide controls the network. The network provides a star IP data network with a hub in Darwin, together with fully meshed voice services between remote sites. Voice over IP is used for voice traffic back to Australia over the data network. Australian Satellite Services also provides 24x7 support services for the network.

East Timor SatcomsAs part of this VSAT Network ASS has installed a 2.4m C Band stabilized (tracking) antenna on the Safe Caledonia - Accommodation Vessel, located in the Timor Sea. This is a floating vessel used to accommodate the hundreds of staff working on the production platforms in the Timor Sea. The antenna is housed in a fiberglass radome to protect is from the harsh conditions experienced in the Timor Sea. This stabilized (tracking) antenna maintains alignment on the geo-stationary satellite (PAS8) by measuring the signal level. Motors are continuously adjusting the antenna to maintain peak signal level during any movement of the vessel.


Survivor III: AfricaFilm production

Australian Satellite Services designed, supplied, installed and maintained a complete satellite communications solution for a TV production site in remote northern Queensland and East Africa. The communications system included a PABX, computer networks for high-speed Internet access, dedicated fax circuits, Internet cafes, payphones, and satellite TV for entertainment. The equipment operated via satellite, over a number of different platforms to provide a complete communications solution for the customer. Full time, on site technical support was provided for the project in Kenya as requested by customer, for a period of 3 months.


Satellite Link to Indonesia

During this project we supplied and installed a point-to-point satellite data link to provide LAN interconnectivity for a remote office, at a mine site in Indonesia back to headquarters in Australia. The project provided a complete turnkey solution for the customer including supply of 3.8m C Band Rx/Tx satellite antenna, 10 Watt transceiver and satellite modem at each end of the link. Australian Satellite Services staff performed the installation and commissioning of this equipment at both locations.

Map Satellite link to Indonesia


Joint Defence Satellite Earth Station Project

Construction of two 10m and two 22m Satellite Earth Stations at a Defence Facility. Australian Satellite Services provided an expert technical installation crew for this highly sensitive project. This project was carried out in conjunction with the US manufacturer, RSI Satcom Technologies, who provided a supervising engineer for the Australian Satellite Services' Technical and Installation Team. We have completed several successful projects in conjunction with RSI Satcom Technologies, now known as Vertex RSI

Australian Satellite Services staff worked under stringent security clearance requirements due to the nature of the project. Construction and commissioning of the 22m antennas lasted seven months, during which Australian Satellite Services' staff were present onsite.


Two Way Satellite Internet project

East Timor SatcomsEast Timor Satcoms

In October 1999 Australian Satellite Services was contracted to provide satellite communications equipment and services support including VSAT, MSAT, Fixed and Portable L-Band voice/data terminals. Our initial, urgent task, was to restore satellite links between UN headquarters in Dili East Timor and Brindisi Italy (UN global satcom hub), for voice and data.

Subsequently the UN Transitional Administration contracted Australian Satellite Services for similar services. Installation and technical support was an integral part of the services provided. Australian Satellite Services has also provided emergency voice and data terminals for the UNDP Electoral Program during recent, 2001 and 2002, East Timor elections.



INTERFET SatcommsSatellite phones were packaged into weatherproof and rugged cases to be able to withstand the demanding conditions of the terrain at a time when the location was still recognised as a war zone. This project was completed under an extremely tight schedule to meet the customer's urgent requirements. Australian Satellite Services handled logistics and project managed implementation in conjunction with the satellite operator.


East Timor SatcomsFederal Police - Bali

Following the Bali bombings, ASS was contacted to see if we could provide a satellite communications system for the Australian Federal Police. ASS was able to supply and install a 2.4m satellite earth station with a surface mount including 40W C-Band transceiver and satellite modem, within one week of receiving the first enquiry. The satellite link was gatewayed at the Intelsat earth station at Oxford Falls, New South Wales, to provide high speed communication back to AFP headquarters in Canberra.


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