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Australian Satellite Services has a successful track record meeting the military satellite communications requirements of the Australian Defence Forces. Here is a brief outline of just a few projects.

Design and fabrication of mobile Earth Stations

Mobile Earth StationDesign phase consisted not only of the design of the satellite communications equipment but also of the mechanical arrangement, which had to be designed to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in the outback. Precision fabrication of this structure was of paramount importance as the system was Transmit/Receive.


Installation/commissioning and maintenance of an Earth Station on Cocos Island.

Earth Station in Cocos Islands

Australian Satellite Services has provided the Department of Defence with a fixed Earth Station on Cocos Island. Australian Satellite Services was responsible for the entire installation, including sending staff to conduct and supervise the installation phase. Australian Satellite Services is currently responsible for continual maintenance of this installation and training of local staff.

Portable satellite phones for UN in East Timor

Satellite voice/data terminals for INTERFETAnother successful project for the defence forces was provision of Satellite Voice and Data Terminals for INTERFET.

Australian Satellite Services was contracted to integrate 50 L-Band voice/data terminals into portable configuration with power supplies, cabling and antenna systems for use by INTERFET troops in East Timor. Terminals were packaged into weatherproof and rugged cases to be able to withstand the demanding conditions of the terrain. This project was completed under an extremely tight schedule to meet the customer’s urgent requirements.

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Satellite Communications: Military & Defence Solutions

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