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Australian Satellite Services has served the transport industry for many years. One of the most popular requirements has predominantly been need for constant communication while in remote areas. Some of the trucking routes are in quite remote locations and communication while in those areas has for years been limited to HF radios. Portability in satellite communication equipment has changed this paradigm and now you find there are increasing numbers of transport and trucking companies equipped with satellite phones as part of their standard fit out.

Here at Australian Satellite Services we try to stay abreast of the latest technologies and any factors, which may influence the market we operate in. Regulatory requirements have brought in the necessity for near total control over long haul trucks in Australia. This requires some sophisticated equipment to be able to provide the control required, additionally however, there is also need to communicate from remote locations. For this particular requirement we provide the Startrack product. The Startrack system operates on the Optus satellite and hence has a 100% Australia wide coverage. For more information regarding this product see our Products page.

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We can offer solutions ranging from portable satellite phones through to complete fleet management/tracking systems.

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