Australian Satellite Services
Industry Solutions

Australian Satellite Services offers a wide range of satellite communication solutions specific but not limited to:

Link Entertainment
Australian Satellite Services has a substantial track record in the entertainment industry with the successful completion of two projects for major TV productions.

Link Military/Defence
Australian Satellite Services has a successful track record of association with the Australian Defence Forces. For these projects we had to meet the necessary security clearances in order to complete them successfully.

Link Mining & Mineral
Mining operations are remote, sometimes hundreds of kilometers from the nearest town. In recent years business pressures have required exploration and mining companies to improve the way they communicate with remote sites. Australian Satellite Services has assisted many mining companies successfully with this.

Link Transport & Trucking
Australian Satellite Services has served the transport industry for many years. One of the most pertinent requirements has predominantly been the need for communication while in remote areas.

Link Oil & Gas
Companies in the oil & gas industry require constant contact with the outside world - whether they are located offshore or hundreds of kilometers inland. Communication with remote sites is vital. Australian Satellite Services has a range of solutions for this.

Link Marine
Australian Satellite Services, with its wide range of products, has the right product for the marine environment. We can provide totally portable satellite phones, which can operate up to 200 nautical miles off the shore.

Link Agricultural & Farming
Australian Satellite Services has been involved with the outback and farming communities since its inception in 1985. One of our most recent and significant projects was the provision of two way Internet access to the pastoral community across Australia.

Satellite Communications: Industry Solutions

Recent industry projects:

Survivor III: AfricaLink Entertainment Industry
The successful completion of two major TV productions.


Dept. of Defence: Pine GapLink Defence Industry
Construction of two 10m and two 22m Satellite Earth Stations at a Defence Facility.


Timor Sea projectLink Oil & Gas Industry
Design and installation of a VSAT Network linking sites in Australia, East Timor and the Timor Sea via C Band PanAmSat 8 satellite.