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Mobile Satellite Phones

Iridium - NEW!

Motorola 9555

Only Iridium offers complete coverage of even the most remote points on Earth — oceans, land masses, airways and even Polar Regions — and a comprehensive range of portable and fixed wireless products.
The 9555 Satellite Phone is a great option for people who travel or work in remote areas. Small, lightweight and resistant to water, dust and shock, this phone is ideal for industrial and rugged conditions.

Download PDF data sheet for Motorola 9555 [237KB]

Thuraya - NEW!


The Optus Thuraya service allows you to make and receive telephone calls across Australia and 200kms out to sea, extending throughout the Thuraya coverage area.
Satellite Telephony offering you mobility and a choice to stay connected in places where terrestrial and GSM communications are unavailable.
The Optus Thuraya phones set the standards for the smallest and lightest satellite handsets in the industry. Weighing in at 130g for the SO-2510 and 180g for the SG 2520. Carrying a pocket sized satellite phone has never been easier.
Optus Thuraya enables you to go even further with seamless border to border satellite telecommunications extending into Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Offering satellite voice, SMS, fax, data, GPS and GmPRS# services using Thuraya’s Satellite Network. Dual Mode handsets using Tri-Band GSM also operate over the Optus GSM network.
The added benefit of built in GPS provides “location tracking” while roaming in remote and unconnected areas, allowing you to send your location as an SMS.

Link Download PDF data sheet for Thuraya satellite [574KB]


Optus MobileSat

Designed and developed in Australia, the Optus MobileSat Service is the world's first truly mobile, satellite telephone service. Using sophisticated Optus satellites, it provides mobile phone coverage across the entire Australian continent and minimum 200km out to sea.

If you live, work or travel in remote areas, the MobileSat service can also provide the answer to your total mobile communication needs, with the facility for mobile facsimile and data transmission for most laptops and PCs.

Your MobileSat telephone can be installed in a vehicle, vessel or portable carry case to provide truly mobile coverage. Once installed, it is similar in appearance to a cellular car phone and includes a transceiver unit and an externally mounted antenna.


Westinghouse S3000

Westinghouse Satellite telephone offers a proven and economical satellite communication solution. It is available in many configurations suitable for sationary, vehicle or boat applications. It is capable of fax and data transfer, further extending its capabilities and versatility in the field.

Westinghouse S3000

Link Download PDF data sheet for Westinghouse S3000 [421KB]



Thrane & Thrane

Fleet 33

The Capsat® Fleet33 provides a constant two-way link to the Inmarsat satellites offering all Fleet33 services. The Capsat® Fleet33 terminal enables the vessel to be connected to voice, fax, e-mail and Internet 24 hours a day. Connected to an Ethernet IP router several PC’s may be connected to the Internet.
The TT-3088A Capsat® Fleet33 offers cost effective, 9.6 kbps fax/data, 4.8 kbps Mini-M voice and 64/28 kbps MPDS data communication.
With MPDS you are always online but only charged for the amount of data sent making it the most economic and convenient solution for e-mail, small and medium size transfer, LAN, VPN and Internet. MPDS offers a shared 64 kbps downstream/28 kbps upstream data channel.

Download PDF data sheet for Fleet 33[187KB]

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Satellite Australia Communications Services, Tracking and Equipment

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