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MSAT is a Maritime Broadband service provided by Australian Satellite Services using our iDirect Broadband platform and Seatel 4003/4006/6006 stabilised antenna systems.

The service is an “always on”, shared IP service capable of delivering broadband communications to vessels operating in the Australia, New ZealandSouth East pacific and South West Pacific region, and provides internet, voice and fax services at very competitive rates.

Our MSAT service enables you to sustain reliable communication whether for business or leisure purposes, on and off shore. The MSAT service is available for cruise ships, fishing vessels, yachts, merchant/government vessels and ferries.

Features and Benefits

• Transmission rate of up to 1024 kbps for shore-to-vessel communications and up to 512 kbps for vessel to shore communications (location and antenna dependant)
• IP access to the Internet and corporate networks with unlimited data transfer allowance
• CIR and QoS settings to ensure high quality voice and fax transmission. (1 PSTN number provided)
• Low cost Pre Paid domestic and international voice rates - sell cards to your customers/staff.
• Wireless Access Point and Pre Paid Internet Options to allow you to charge your customers for services whilst onboard.
• 24/7 customer care and technical support


The vessel will be equipped with a Sea Tel 4006/6006 antenna system, comprised of Above Deck and Below Deck equipment. The stabilised equipment is designed specifically for maritime use and is able to withstand extreme marine environments.

The MSAT service provides a broadband connection via satellite from the vessel to the public Internet and PSTN. The system performs similarly to any standard terrestrial voice and data network. An Ethernet port on the Below Deck Equipment allows users to connect to a shipboard Local Area Network (LAN) or to stand alone PCs onboard. In addition an RJ-11 analog FXS telephone ports can be easily connected to an analogue telephone or fax.


• High speed/low cost TX/RX in a 0.64 m,1 m or 1.5 meter dish
• Three-axis servo controlled stabilisation systems minimise signal drop out for extremely reliable state-of-the-art communications, even in storm conditions.
• Excellent choice for yachting and Commercial Ocean going vessels for voice, data and business applications.
• Internet, VoIP, Corporate Intra and Extranets.
• Efficient use of space, time and cost (small footprint, high speed, cost efficient)
• Coverage from Australia, New Zealand and certain areas of Western Pacific.

Link Download PDF data sheet for Maritime Service [754KB]

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