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Australian Satellite Communications pleased to announce services on our newly installed iDirect hub, an improved broadband VSAT solution. ASC has selected iDirect Technologies, a leader in enterprise broadband over satellite solution for over 3 years with over 110 Hubs sold in about 40 network operators. iDirect’s technology provides one of the most scalable, flexible and bandwidth efficient products in the industry, for a complete broadband VSAT solution. iDirect’s technology allows ASC to create and implement multiple service plans to support different types of enterprises, each with their own requirements.

Using iDirect’s technology ASC will not be limited to a single type of topology. One can implement a star, mesh or SCPC technology within the same hub chassis. iDirect provides standards based IP over Ethernet thus making it easy to integrate into enterprise customer networks. iDirect’s advanced patent pending technology allows ASC to support real-time and non real-time applications even within shared networks, using our Real-time Traffic Management feature set. This ensures the best VoIP support within a shared TDMA system even in double-hop configurations (in a star topology, single-hop in mesh).

iDirect also allows ASC to implement “real” private networks, in addition to encryption, to ensure secure connectivity for its customer base, all within one hub platform. This tremendous scalability will save ASC to reduce its capital and operational costs, as it grows its customer base and types of customers.

iDirect Technology

The iDirect system is a satellite based IP solution that operates in a star topology. The star topology consists of a Hub and multiple Remotes. The system is a 2 way broadband network solution with all traffic on the outroute or downstream broadcast over a TDM carrier. Remotes pass traffic to the Hub on a shared inroute carrier using iDirect’s highly differentiated Deterministic TDMA (D TDMA) access scheme. The iDirect system is ideally suited for networks with traffic patterns that follow a hub-to-spoke model and traffic that is bursty in nature. The system was designed and developed to optimize the transport of TCP/IP protocol traffic over satellite. The highly efficient D TDMA achieves efficiencies that are close to 98% of the payload bandwidth.

The iDirect system has features and controls that allow it to be easily configured to deliver application QoS (Quality of Service) and other traffic engineered solutions to the users. The iDirect system also provides TCP and Web acceleration that supports line rate TCP throughputs in BOTH directions, even to only one TCP session in the network. Other features of the system include optional 3-DES link encryption that encrypts the Remote, local DNS cache on the Remote, dynamic and static IP routing, end-to-end VLANs and mobile mode.

The highly scalable and flexible broadband Hub has been designed to support multiple outroutes and inroutes within a single Hub Chassis, while simultaneously enabling the connection of up to 5 different satellites. This architecture provides significant cost savings to the network operator, because they can support multiple footprints without incurring the cost associated with multiple Hubs.

The iDirect system is highly accessible and reliable, even with smaller antennas (when compared to competitive solutions). The system has built-in automatic inroute power control that ensures connectivity even through severely degraded weather conditions.

iDirect's current suite of products includes the Series 3000 and 5000 Satellite Broadband Router, Hub Chassis, Universal Line Card, NMS Server and iDirect’s Network Management Software Suite, iBuilder, iMonitor and iSite. Together, they enable the configuration of a teleport gateway to allow for the provisioning of satellite transponder capacity for the uplink and downlink to a small transceiver. (In some instances the dish at the site of an enterprise could be as small as 0.75 meters.)

VoIP over iDirect VSAT System

iDirect Technologies broadband IP VSAT network system effectively transports VoIP traffic over satellite. The obstacles associated with this challenge have been addressed using iDirect’s highly differentiated real time traffic management (RTTM) feature set. The RTTM feature set is an inherent part of iDirect’s operating system software (iDS) and has been specifically designed to support applications such as voice that are not tolerant of delay, requiring specific network conditions to perform properly. Traditionally, transporting voice over satellite has been supported through implementation of Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) technology ostensibly creating a continuously connected environment similar to a dedicated private line circuit. Using SCPC to support enterprise VoIP needs is bandwidth inefficient and therefore a costly solution. Only iDirect’s system delivers “toll quality” digital telephony to the enterprise customer over a highly cost effective shared bandwidth medium employing the following relevant RTTM features:

  • Application QoS and Prioritization at the remote on the TDMA Inroute.
  • Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) at the remote, or what is more
  • popularly referenced as Fragmentation and Interleaving.
  • Committed Information Rate settings for the remote.
  • Dynamic CIR and Application Triggered Dynamic CIR.
  • Network QoS at the network level.
  • Feathering of Timeslot allocation.
  • Application QoS and Prioritization at the Hub, on the Outroute.
  • SAR at the Hub, on the TDM Outroute.
  • CIR at the Hub, on the TDM Outroute.

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