Australian Satellite Services

Australian Satellite Services is committed to providing absolute focus on our customers, ensuring we understand their business, processes and people, and deliver to their expectations.

We currently provide and service communication infrastructure for satellite delivered and rebroadcasted TV and FM radio for a significant number of communities in the outback.

Australian Satellite Services employs highly qualified engineers and technicians, who are supplemented by an extensive list of dealers and subcontractors in all states, to ensure satellite networks and rebroadcast sites throughout Asia-Pacific region are supported to the highest standard.

ServicesAustralian Satellite Services can deliver a comprehensive range of services Asia-Pacific wide.

  • Consulting & design services
  • Project Management
  • Installations & commissioning
  • Customer Training
  • Support services
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Hotline & Help desk support
  • Satellite Network Monitoring

Australian Satellite Services can achieve the best results for your organisations communication infrastructure

If you would like further information on the range of our services please Contact us .