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VoIP service

Due to the rising popularity and in order to service our customer’s demands we have a VoIP solution that will allow high quality, low cost calls over our satellite or third party broadband network.

Together with our partners, ISPhone, this creates a myriad of opportunities and strengthens our capabilities in the field of satellite communication and the ability to really deliver the ‘Total Solution’.

We now deliver hundreds of thousands of minutes of VoIP traffic monthly to remote customers and this volume is growing steadily.

Solution - End to End QoS managed.

Our service provides a true business grade solution including PSTN access and numbers. From single line connections to complex sites requiring interconnectivity betwen multiple extensions we have an IPPBX solution which turns a remote camp into a fully functioning 'city office' environment with features normally found in regular PBX's.

Pre-paid service

In order to service the demands of remote camps with many workers requiring access to a limited number of telephone lines, we have developed and implemented a pre-paid VoIP service.

It consists of standard analogue telephones patched into our fully integrated remote office solution, whereby you get access to a telephone line via the means of a card consisting of a PIN number and pre purchased value of the card.

In all cases your voice is not sent via the public internet as is the case with some of the other suppliers of similar solution.

Please contact us should you require more information about VoIP or to see how we can solve you voice communications challenges for remote applications.

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