APA Group - Scada Network

The Client

In late 2007 Australian Satellite Communications (ASC) won the tender for provision of a Satellite based communication system for Australian Pipeline Authority (APA) based out of Perth, Western Australia. The proposed new network was to replace an existing Hughes VSAT network and incumbent service provider.

The Brief

Satellite dishes on remote pipeline siteThe system was placed at approximately 50 sites on three different pipelines in Western Australia, delivering telemetry data to the diverse data centres in Kewdale and Perth CBD. A key requirement of this pipeline was to provide a service that offered 99.9995% availability. To achieve this level of service ASC supplied and installed at the APA Kewdale service centre an iDirect Hub with access to two different satellites, GE23 and AsiaSat4. Additionally APA was able to utilise ASC’s main Adelaide Hub as a geographically redundant backup to their Kewdale hub, thus ensuring that a connection to a hub is always available even in the event of a disaster.

The Solution

ASC satellite antenna at APA remote siteThe remote pipeline sites ranged from single connections via a single satellite to a dual connection with service via both satellites. Control of the connection to the appropriate satellite is achieved by the use of a Cisco router at each dual site. Should the preferred satellite connection be unavailable then the router automatically connects to the alternative satellite.

Monitoring of the network is achieved with the base iDirect monitoring software and the use of a third party network monitoring tool that notifies the ASC 24x7 helpdesk of any switching or sites down.

The Result

ASC satellite dish at remote siteAPA requirements were met ensuring all 50 sites have alternative hubs and selected sites have connection to an alternative satellite. ASC also provided terrestrial connections between Adelaide, Kewdale and Perth. ASC delivered this network on schedule and worked with APA to ensure that all OH&S and safety requirements were met when working on gas pipelines. A fourth pipeline is to be commissioned on the network this year with scope for adding new pipelines in the future.

More recently ASC has provided corporate broadband IP services including VoIP at some of Kewdale hub, Western Australiathe more remote compressor stations where voice and data via satellite is the only reliable means of communicating back to head office. These sites have been commissioned on the ASC iDirect Broadband IP network out of our Adelaide teleport and separate to the dedicated APA iDirect network hub at Kewdale.