Customer Testimonials

Walton ConstructionJuly 2013

Walton Construction (Qld) Pty Ltd

Satellite Service at K130 Camp, Fairview Queensland

Walton Construction was in August 2012 undergoing camp construction in the region of Roma in Queenland. A component of the requirements were for business grade VSAT satellite communication services to provide data, email and voice services, assisting 60 staf members. The services required included email and voip. The site was to be in communication with the internet and PSTN for reliable telephony since mobile coverage was scant. We preferred a single provider to be able to supply, install and maintain these services.

ASC were given a short timeframe to ascertain requirements and mobilise equipment, which they did to our complete satisfaction. They ensured that as our subcontractor, we were at alltimes complying with our clients' and our own rigorous OHS procedures.

After the initial installation we enlisted further wireless and telephony points to extend the coverage around the site since initial performance was good. As our requirements ramped up on site we were able to increase the service levels with guaranteed bandwidth and an unlimited bandwith package which offered best value.

We are leaving the site soon and I will be very happy to recommend ASC's professional implementation work, quality technical support and value for money, whether for our own future opportunities or for similar companies working remotely.

Alan Murphy

Project Construction Manager

Walton Construction Pty Ltd


ConocoPhillipsMay 2011

Australian Satellite Communications( ASC ) have been a long term service provider for the ConocoPhillips Bayu Undan Oil and Gas production facilities located some 600km NW of Darwin the in the Timor Sea.

In an ongoing role since project inception, ASC have provided both primary and secondary satellite service to the fields permanent production facilities, as well as fixed and stabilised satellite platforms for drill rigs and ( ASVs ) Accommodation and Service Vessels .

Skilled and innovative in design and implementation of satellite service in remote areas, ASC provide the highest standard of communications service as required by ConocoPhillips in the production and maintenance roles carried out by the rigs engineering and support community offshore.

The reliable nature of ASC solutions, combined with a professional and responsive service centre, make ASC a partner of choice in communications solutions for ConocoPhillips in the Australasian Business Unit.

Ralph Alexander I.Eng MIEEE BBC C.Eng

Telecommunications Engineer

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June 2011

WA Museum’s scientific programs include exploratory trips to inland and maritime regions around Western Australia, in order to catalogue the state’s biodiversity and understand Western Australia’s unique place in the world. To document these trips in a way that will engage the public’s curiosity and show quickly and clearly what is being discovered - including live streaming of video footage from some of the most remote places on Earth, the WA Museum engaged Australian Satellite Communications to assist with remote communications. The system designed for the Museum consists of VSAT antenna and equipment providing a link to the internet as well as other data applications, and voice.

ASC were able to provide a link best suiting the nature of our traffic, where there is greater dependence on the upload bandwidth - a unique requirement and one that only ASC seemed to be able to deliver. Technical training was provided to museum staff so that the system can be easily set up and taken down; this was filmed to be referred to in future.
The VSAT system has been very successful in showcasing the work of field staff and enriching the WA Museum’s online presence with live and  near-live content. We have found ASC to be responsive, flexible and great value for money. WA Museum recommends ASC’s communications services to bodies looking to engage the public with their remote ventures - particularly organisations with specific and different requirements from their remote communications providers.

Morgan Strong,
Manager Online Services
Western Australian Museum

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Coral Pprincess Cruises logo

March 2011

"Whether our guests are joining "Oceanic Discoverer" on expeditions in Western Australia's Oceanic Discoverer - PNGremote Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia or New Zealand, the ability to instantly share their vacation experiences with friends and family at home has become increasingly important over recent years. We also recognize the importance for our crew to maintain contact with their family. Although our expeditions take in some of the most remote and inaccessible locations throughout the South Pacific, our guests and crew are now able to communicate with the home front both quickly and cost effectively, from any location at any time of day.

Choosing the right system to meet our client's expectations, along with our internal requirements for reliable and cost effective communications between Head Office and the ship, was vital and ASC has delivered an integrated system that has exceeded our stated ambitions. The ASC system is not only cost effective, but surprisingly "fast" for satellite technology and we have been delighted with the ease of the installation process and the ongoing technical support provided by ASC.

Client uptake of both the telephony and internet systems has been instantaneous, exceeding our expectations and offering a good return on our investment.

We have been so impressed with the service and expertise provided by ASC that we will shortly begin the installation of the same system aboard "Coral Princess" ahead of our 2011 Kimberley Coast cruising season."

Captain Tony Briggs
Founder and Managing Director
Coral Princess Cruises

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February 2011

"The ReadyCONNECT™ satellite system supported our fire operations in both Cardwell and Tully in the immediate aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Yasi. We were in a situation where we had initially no power or communications and the system allowed us to communicate and effectively manage tasking, resources and damage assessments. Just today, the system is being moved into our base of operations where we are providing support to Red Cross and a number of other agencies that will provide a wireless network for all to use. The system has been of great advantage to us during this period and supplemented our existing systems well"

Steve Rothwell

Assistant Commissioner

Queensland Rural Fire Service

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ReadyCONNECT set up at Cardwell Fire Station during Cyclone Yasi














Beach Energy website“ASC’s equipment has been crucial in enabling our remote operations to run successfully.   The support that ASC offers is of a very high standard which is crucial to Beach Energy”.

Simon McMahon

IT Manager, Beach Energy


MB Century logo

AustraliaSatellite Communications have been supplying equipment and services to MB Century for about 10 years. The service we receive has been second-to-none, allowing us to host teleconferences and more importantly run live database updates via Citrix.  Put simply they have been a great partner to MB Century.


Norman Dean

Group IT Manager

MB Century


Great Escape logoThe Great EscapeJanuary 2009

“I have just navigated the Great Escape around the peripheral of cyclone Dominic. Our new marine VSAT satellite voice and data system from Australian Satellite Communications using the small commercial grade Sea Tel 2406 antenna was used continually to download live weather information and keep in phone contact with our Broome head office during cyclonic type weather including some torrential rain conditions. Critical decisions needed to be made quickly in such arduous conditions and reliable high speed broadband internet assisted greatly throughout the entire journey”

Captain Chris Tucker "Trippy"

The Great Escape Charter Company


“We are now able to conduct our business from offshore and shore to ship reliably. At the same time provide also our clients affordable high speed internet and voice via our pre-paid voice and internet systems for safety, business and keeping clients and crew in contact with families. From the remote Kimberly Coast region and nearly north to Indonesia, the Australian Satellite Communications MSAT service works extremely well and has made a major difference”

Kylie Bartle

General Manager

Great Escape Charter Company

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Hunt Energy logo ASC have always provided quality equipment with a valuable service at a reasonable price. The service provided is critical to our business on many fronts ranging from safety to efficiency.

Chris Brown

Hunt Energy