Pre-Paid solutions

Pre-Paid Internet and Voice

What is it?

ASC’s Pre-Paid Internet solution is a secure wired or wireless hotspot access to the internet provided through a shared TDMA or SCPC satellite service.  We use Nomadix Access Gateways to perform this function which provide a range of devices and options that can be tailored to meet the service provider’s requirements.

Pre-Paid Voice is provided through the use of Quintum VoIP Gateways and Vados Multi-service communication devices. From Telephones connected to these devices the user can use a phone card provided by ASC to call home or the office whether it be abroad or locally.

How does it work?


A user can connect to the secure connection for internet browsing and email use via a wireless or wired connection with plug and play access to the internet via a portal page. From this portal you will be able to purchase and recharge internet access via credit card. Permanently assigned accounts or pre-paid cards can be generated for sale and these can also be recharged through the portal page. Upon logging in you will be updated with the amount of internet access remaining on your account and you can even check this with specifically from the portal page. The service is quite flexible and may be tailored to suit your needs.


The Quintum and Vados units work by converting IP Packets into analogue signals to enable voice communications over the satellite through your satellite service and out to the rest of the world. You use an everyday analogue handset plugged into these devices along with a pre-paid phone cards supplied by ASC. The phone card has a pin number and when you pick up the handset to make a call you follow the prompts and enter the pin on the card, then the number you wish to dial. You are then updated with the number of minutes remaining on your card before connecting your call. The prepaid cards can be recharged by credit card payment over the internet once your limit has expired.

Rental Options?

Australian Satellite Communications can make available for hire satellite systems to provide these pre-paid Internet and Voice Solutions. These systems would include the antenna and appropriate RF equipment along with a transportable shock mounted rack that house the satellite modem and devices that provide the pre-paid Voice and Internet options.

Option to supply with post paid system?

ASC can also hire out equipment that will provide post paid Voice and Internet services that would suit a company office environment where your internet charges and phone calls are billed monthly. If you are in the situation where you need to provide both post-paid and pre-paid services they can be combined in the one satellite system for rental.

Who is it for?

This type of solution is best suited to remote environments where satellite communication is the most efficient and effective way of providing Voice and Data. The most suited application of the pre-paid services would be in a mining or construction camp environment where the employer or camp facilitator would offer a user pays service to staff requiring access to these services to conduct personal communications while away from home. This would include personal banking, emails, news updates and phone calls to friends and family.