Satellite mobile communications are a major segment of ASCS business and a growing proportion of mobile communications capability Australia-wide.



Vodafone Globalstar is the latest mobile telephone system to be introduced into Australia. It is the ideal communications facility to accompany those who venture into the outback either for business or pleasure. A pocket sized handset is all you need to carry. It will use the Vodafone GSM network throughout the more densely populated areas of Australia, when it is in range, and access the Globalstar constellation of satellites anywhere else in Australia, and up to 200 nautical miles offshore. Full telephone facilities are provided by any one of three gateway earth stations located in Australia and interconnected to the Australian network. The handsets are manufactured by Telit and Ericsson.



MobileSat is Australia's most versatile mobile communications system with Australia-wide capability. Mobilesat terminals, manufactured by NEC or Westinghouse and retailed by ASCS, can be installed in vehicles and boats or as non-mobile services in homes or commercial premises. Portable terminals installed in convenient attaché cases are also offered. For the Westinghouse product ASCS is the prime Australian distributor supporting both wholesale and retail sales, providing warranty services and dealer training and support throughout Australia.



ASCS has designed mobile satellite terminals for trailer or vehicle mounting suitable for antennas from 1.2m to 2.4m diameters. Applications requiring communications for disaster relief management, media coverage of special events and defence communications in remote or difficult terrain are specifically foreseen for these designs which have catered for antenna mounting, equipment housings and power supplies. All components have been designed to the rugged requirements of defence applications and a number of terminals have been constructed for the Defence Department.


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