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Australian Satellite Services has been involved with farming and agricultural communities since its inception in 1985. Subsequently we have installed literally thousands of satellite communication systems. One of the most recent and significant projects, which our company undertook, was the provision of two way Internet access to the agricultural community across Australia. This project incorporated 250 remote sites, across Australia

Thanks to this project the agricultural community is able to take part in modern age trading of stock and produce, 'on-line', thus maximising their returns.

Portable and reliable means of communication are paramount to pastoralists for a wide variety of reasons. Australian Satellite Services has been providing such solutions, ranging from hand held totally portable satellite phones to in-car mounted satellite phones or hard case mounted if required.

We are well placed and experienced to cater for all possible situations and requirements. Our extensive knowledge of many remote communities provides us with a unique privilege of being the first point of call for many communication requirements such communities may have.

Our experience with the outback is further strengthened by the fact that we are currently involved with many regional farming communities, where we install and maintain their TV and radio services (rebroadcasting). We have a team of professionals who regularly travel to remote areas of Australia and ensure proper functioning of installed equipment and smooth retransmission of TV and radio services.

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