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Australian Satellite Services has supplied and supported communication within the entertainment industry whilst filming in remote areas. In the successful completion of two projects for major TV entertainement productions; we designed, supplied, installed and maintained a complete satellite communications solution for the production site in remote northern Queensland including an Internet cafe; and in Kenya, East Africa.

Survivor II: Australian Outback Survivor III: Kenya - Africa

SKY and TAB also rely on Australian Satellite Services to provide satellite installation and maintenance services to maintain an uninterrupted racing entertainment program. throughout SA, 24/7.

The Australian outback is becoming very popular with the film& entertainment industry and satellite communication solutions are the preferred communication choice. Australian Satellite Services has provided such solutions to the film industry for many years.

Voice communication is not the only solution we can offer. If you have requirements for data transfer, video or fax, multiple phone lines, in fact just about anything you have in your everyday office, we can provide it. VSAT technology (see our Products page for details) allows for all that and more.

If you are in the entertainment industry and would like to discuss your requirements with us, please Contact us.

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