News - ASC assist The WA Museum in their expedition to the Secret Caves of the Nullarbor

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August 2011

The August 2011 expedition to the Nullarbor caves is a collaborative effort between the Western Australian Museum and the Flinders University.

This expedition is unique compared with those undertaken previously to the caves - this time, they will be taking a film crew and a games developer to to develop new and exciting ways to engage with this amazing location, its hidden treasures and the science required to unlock its secrets.

The field team will be working tirelessly to produce short video diaries about what’s happening in the caves and to deliver any new discoveries to the public in close to real time.

This is the second expedition where ASC’s customised technology solution has helped the museum with their discoveries, enabling them to stream footage of their findings directly to their website as it happens, despite being in one of the most remote parts of the world, away from civilisation and telephone services.

The first expedition where they used our technology was The Marine Life of the Kimberley Region Project in October 2010.

An enhanced version of the 'Office in the box', along with a standard 1.2m antenna, with the added capability for wireless and cordless phones, have turned this 'off the shelf' solution, into a sophisticated voice and data link located in remote parts of the Nullarbor Plain.

Due to the nature of the project, where the main objective is to upload video files and lots of project related data, ASC were able to deliver a custom, casual plan of 256/1024.

The system is portable enough to be moved quite frequently as these projects will take places in variety of locations. WA museum staff involved in the project have been provided with training which equipped them well in the setup and commissioning of this satellite system on a frequent basis.

Please follow this link to WA Museum website where you can view the daily podcasts of this exciting project.