News - ASC provide satellite communications for the WA Museums Research of the Kimberley region

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When the Western Australian Museum goes exploring and cataloguing the remote waters of the Kimberley region, you can be with them in real time.

The Marine Life of the Kimberley Region Project is a three-year marine biodiversity research program. The project will explore the marine biodiversity of the inshore Kimberley and associated continental shelf coral atolls.wa museum photo with caption

The information derived from this project will have significant relevance for planning a sustainable future for the Kimberley region.

Some of the areas they will be exploring are in some of the most remote and unexplored parts of the world, and through this technology you can experience what a real, frontier scientific study is like, and what happens during these studies.



Australian Satellite Communications (ASC) has provided a customized solution for this exciting, first time project.

An enhanced version of the Office in the box, along with a standard 1.2m antenna, with the added capability for wireless and cordless phones, have turned this off the shelf solution, into a sophisticated city office environment located in remote parts of the Kimberley region.

Due to the nature of the project, where the main objective is to upload video files and lots of project related data, ASC were able to deliver a custom, casual plan of 512/1024.

The system is portable enough to be moved quite frequently as these projects will take places in variety of locations. WA museum staff involved in the project have been provided with training which equipped them well in the setup and commissioning of this satellite system on a frequent basis. ASC technical staff travelled to Perth and delivered the training program at WA Museums premises.

Please follow this link to WA Museum website where you can view the daily podcasts of the project.