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Australian Satellite Communications supply a wide range of fixed, Australian Satellite Communications earth stationportable and mobile satellite antennae

ASC supply a wide range of fixed, portable and mobile satellite antennae, ranging in size from 60cm to 6.2m and larger.


The larger earth station antennae are generally used for hub environments, concentrating a number of remote sites to one location, and thus needs to be bigger than the remote in order to deal with the combined power requirement transmiting to all the remote sites.Australian Satellite Communications Fixed VSAT antennae


Portable antennae are available in a manual set-up and break-down format with case/s to transport or as a fully automated option that requires the push of a button to acquire and peak the satellite signal.


Mobile antennae need to stay fixed on the satellite whilst in motion - these are referred to as ASC's Portable satellite communication system, portable VSAT systemstabilised antennae, mostly used at sea, but also on land and known as ‘Comms on the Move’ or COTM.

Land based COTM antennas are currently available but quite expensive. Please contact us if you have a requirement for this type of antenna.

To complete an antenna system, it needs a transmitter and a receiver - the active RF components. The transmitter is most commonly referred to as a BUC (Block Up Converter), Mobile 'SeaTel' Antennaeand the receiver is most commonly referred to a an LNB (Low Noise Block-down converter). There are many variants of these components depending on the power requirements and antenna size. ASC supply a wide range of satellite RF equipment in order to ensure that the most appropriate equipment is used when delivering a given solution.

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