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Skyware Global logoSkyware Global is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of satellite antenna systems. This includes the range of TVRO and VSAT antennas up to 2.4 m and the low powered RF Transceivers previously manufactured by ASC Signal. These antennas were originally manufactured by ChannelMaster prior to being acquired by Andrew Corporation who then split off this section of the business to become ASC Signal. The VSAT and TVRO antennas are still manufactured in the same facility as originally by ChannelMaster. These ChannelMaster (now Skyware Global) antennas have been widely recognised as the best value for money VSAT antennas in the market up to 2.4 m diameter.

Skyware Global offers the broadest product line in the VSAT Satellite antenna industry including, Receive only and RX/TX systems and a range from 0.75 m to 2.4 m VSAT antennas. Skyware Global has type approved antennas for Intelsat, Asiasat, Eutelsat and many other international satellite platforms.

ASC is the Australian distributor of these antennas. Australian Satellite Communications has supplied and installed many thousand of the VSAT antennas over many years and all our technical staff are well trained to install, service and repair antennas from 0.75 cm to 2.4 m.

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