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Tracstar fly away antennaFly-Away antennas provide for the maximum in portability of solution. Antennas are cased either as a complete system requiring no assembly, or as a multi-case solution requiring some assembly at the point of use. With the portability of Fly-Away antennas, comes the need for ancillary equipment.ReadyCONNECT comprises of a Tracstar fly away antenna

Additional cases are available to house the antenna controller interface, the satellite modem, and equipment such as LAN Routers and switches, VoIP equipment, Wireless Access Points and even radio interoperability equipment. Available as the TracStar750P, TracStar750P5, TracStar960P-1, TracStar960P-2, TracStar960P-3, TracStar1000P2-3, TracStar1200P2-2 and TracStar1200P4-2 products.