Asset Management

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ASC are able to provide comprehensive asset management services utilising real time GPS ASC's asset management using satellite technologysatellite communications and Iridium satellite communications to monitor and control various customer assets, from vehicles to plant machinery.

With a wide scope of measurement parameters available, ASC use Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) as the basis for customers to improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs and preserve environmental health and safety for its employees.

In addition to FMS, customer network management is also a key component of asset management, and ASC use a powerful SNMP element and network management platform, AEP megaWATCH. This platform has been deployed as the core management platform for the ATUG award winning Northern Territory Government STARS network, providing customised alarms for asset parameters such as back up generator status and iDirect HUB status, triggering alarm notifications according to prescribed thresholds. megaWATCH also provides configuration management functionality to complement its network and asset management capability.

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