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Let ASC design a VSAT managed solution for you

VSAT Managed Services comprise a number of key components being equipment rental, satellite service, installation and support. Each of these components is determined by way of the specific customer requirements, such as the number of users, voice and data services, hours of operation, availability and the term that the managed service is required.

In order for ASC to design the most appropriate VSAT Managed Solution, the following information is required from customers:

  • Services Required
  1. Internet (Pre-paid and/or post paid)
  2. Voice (Pre-paid and/or post paid)
  3. VPN
  4. Other - to be specified in detail
  • Number of Users for each service - e.g. for Voice, the number of lines (telephone numbers) and extensions (handsets), etc
  • Number of sites, the services and users at each
  • Location of site/s
  • Term of Contract required
  • Level of support required
  • Design & Installation services required

The level of information provided will determine how a VSAT Managed Service is compiled - too little information means that ASC will have to make assumptions, which inevitably will impact the cost, whilst detailed information will enable ASC to develop the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

Please contact us with your VSAT requirements or for more information.