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SeaTel AntennaASC are very experienced in providing comprehensive maritime solutions

The key difference between maritime and land based solutions is that of constant motion, even when a vessel is anchored or at port. This presents a challange, ensuring that the satellite antenna is aligned and peaked with a specific satellite.

ASC utilise the Cobham SeaTel range of stabilised antenna systems in order to ensure that vessels are able to maintain connectivity even during rough oceanic conditions, with precision engineered three axis active stabilisation keeping the antenna continuously locked on the satellite.

These systems are used for both VSAT two way satellite communications as well as for receiving satellite television out at sea, utilising the TV Receive Only (TVRO) systems, also manufactured by Cobham SeaTel. In addition to robust stabilisation, conditions out at sea present other challenges, such as high winds and corrosion. These antennae are housed in radomes that are designed to allow the radio waves to pass through efficiently, whilst keeping the weather out. In some cases, it is even necessary to pressurise a radome such that humidity and corrosion are actively kept away from the antenna and its components.

Cobham SeaTel antennae are available in sizes ranging from 60cm in diameter through to 2.4m. The specific size required for a particular solution is dependant on the type of service and availability required.

ASC will design the most appropriate system to suite the customer requirements.

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