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Cobham plc’s heritage goes back to 1934 with a wide range of companies and products. SeaTel® was acquired in 2008, to fall under the Cobham brand names with head office still located in Concord, California.

SeaTel® specializes in Marine Stabilized Antenna Systems for Satellite Communications (two-way communications), Satellite Television-at-Sea (DBS/DTH, TV-at-Sea), Broadband-at-Sea, Voice and Data Services. SeaTel® has proprietary technology that assures you get a stable satellite signal, one you can count on even in rough seas and gale force winds.

ASC has had a long relationship with SeaTel and has supplied and installed many SeaTel VSAT and TVRO antennas on a variety of vessels. Australian Satellite Communications chose SeaTel due to its recognition in the market as providing the most reliable stabilised antennas. Australian Satellite Communications has also invested significantly in the training of its technical staff on the installation and maintanance of SeaTel antennas enhancing our capabilities and ensuring our customers get best possible service.