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Australian Satellite Communications provides global coverage with a strong Asia Pacific focus, on a variety of satellites and frequencies

ASC has developed a number of strategic relationships with satellite operators that provide ASC Coverage mapcoverage in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region, including, SAT-GE, AsiaSat, Intelsat and SES New Skies. Now with over 100MHz of transponder space, ASC are able to deliver robust, high speed satellite links to meet the growing need for communications in locations where traditional terrestrial communication is not possible.

Satellite services are not restricted to those areas covered by these particular satellite operators. If a customer has a requirement outside of these coverage areas, ASC will investigate other satellite options to provide the best solution for the customer.

As Ku Band bandwidth is becomming scarce over the Australian region, ASC has taken steps to secure its future growth by committing to larger amounts of bandwidth including full transponders on GE23 and Asiasat4.

Coverage for PNG

Australian Satellite Communications can provide full C-Band and Ku-band coverage in Papua New Guinea through our Partner Daltron based in PNG who own and operate their own teleport supported by ASC.

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