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In 1965, Intelsat established the first commercial global satellite communications system. For the first time, people, businesses and governments could communicate instantly, reliably and simultaneously from all corners of the globe with head office in USA.

Intelsat has one of the largest, most flexible and most reliable satellite fleets in the world, covering over 99% of the world’s population. Intelsat operates more than 54 satellites with a fully integrated satellite operations model that features two operations centers connected by redundant fiber, resulting in a robust monitoring and control system that is unrivaled in the industry.

ASC developed a strong relationship with PanAmSat in the late 1990s prior to its merge with Intelsat in 200x. ASC provided a large range of services on IS8 (formerly PAS8) and IS2 (formerly PAS2). With the end of life of IS2 around 2007 and with no Ku band replacement for this satellite many of the services from this satellite were transferred over to GE23 and Asiasat4 satellites. ASC continues to provide C Band and Ku band services on IS8.