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In 1890, Thomas Edison established the Edison General Electric Company by bringing his various businesses together. SAT-GE was created in 2007 to form part of the GE International Holdings with offices in the USA, Singapore and Australia.

GE-23 offers Ku-band cross-connectivity capability, allowing uplink in any of the 5 Ku-band beams and downlink in the same or another beam. This feature allows — for example, for the provision of DTH services in Australia or New Zealand, while uplinking directly from Hong Kong or Los Angeles; or it could allow a SNG uplink in Asia to feed a broadcaster located in the US or Australia / New Zealand. In C-band, a single Trans-Pacific beam allows uplink from anywhere within that beam and simultaneous downlink to everywhere within that beam.

ASC utilises bandwidth on the SP, SWP and SEP beams to provide its Ku Band VSAT services throughout Australia and the Pacific from its VSAT Hubs in Adelaide and Hawaii. C Band services are also provided out of Adelaide for dedicated SCPC services with plans to implement C Band shared services in the near future.