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ASC supply remote voice gateway equipment as well as the core equipment

In order to provide a complete communications solution over satellite, a vital component is that of voice communications. Since the inception of the telephone, the voice communications has evolved immensely, with some solutions today that begin to ‘look like’ data - i.e. using a data medium to transport voice conversations - the most significant example of which is voice over IP (VoIP). Essentially, the key difference is a move from circuit switched voice to routed voice that looks like data, so can be treated like data.

In order for a VoIP conversation to be understood at each end, the signal has to be converted from ‘looking like’ data to sounding like voice. Essentially this is a conversion from a digital data signal into an analogue voice stream. The equipment use to do this is often referred to as a voice gateway, particularly when it deals with more than one voice conversation. In a pure IP environment, this conversion to analogue voice takes place within the handset of an IP phone which can generally only deal with one conversation at a time.

The infrastructure at the core of the network will determine where and how voice calls are routed, and consequently what the calls will land up costing - this is the PSTN breakout component of a voice service.

ASC supply remote voice gateway equipment as well as the core equipment. Dependant on the size of the requirement, ASC will either provide voice services, without the need for a customer to invest in core equipment or will deploy a fully integrated voice solution independent of any ASC core infrastructure.

Another important factor to consider in terms of voice gateway equipment is efficiency versus cost versus quality. The more efficient high quality systems often costing significantly more than less efficient, lower quality options - ASC believe in providing a balanced portfolio in terms of voice products. Although the more efficient systems cost more in terms of capital outlay, the operational savings can be enormous if deployed in an appropriate manner.