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Iridium Extreme with data kitAustralian Satellite Communications provide a range of portable satellite telephones, including Iridium, Thuraya and Optus MobileSat.

From handheld to vehicle mounted, satellite phones are essential when travelling in remote areas, particularly as a means of emergency communication.

The Australian Government provides subsidies for the purchase of mobile satellite phones, for individuals and companies meeting certain criteria. ASC are able to facilitate the application process, and are also able to supply satellite phones under this subsidy scheme, subject to the conditions that apply.

ASC are able to provide vehicle and boat installation services for satellite phone products that have the appropriate installation kits as an option.

ASC also stock all the available accessories, including antennae and data kits. The technical workshop is able to undertake certain repairs of satellite phone products and accessories, and where necessary can arrange for factory based repairs and / or replacements where appropriate, and subject to conditions that apply.

Please visit our Satellite Phone Rental section as well, as ASC also provide a range of satellite phones for short or long term rental.