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Optus MobileSat

Designed and developed in Australia, the Optus MobileSat Service is the world's first truly mobile, satellite telephone service. Using sophisticated Optus satellites, it provides mobile phone coverage across the entire Australian continent and minimum 200km out to sea.

If you live, work or travel in remote areas, the MobileSat service can also provide the answer to your total mobile communication needs, with the facility for mobile facsimile and data transmission for most laptops and PCs.

Your MobileSat telephone can be installed in a vehicle, vessel or portable carry case to provide truly mobile coverage. Once installed, it is similar in appearance to a cellular car phone and includes a transceiver unit and an externally mounted antenna.

In addition to the NEC S2 product, Australian Satellite Services can provide a refurbished Westinghouse satellite telephone.

Westinghouse S3000

Link Download PDF data sheet for NEC S2 [754KB]
Link Download PDF data sheet for Westinghouse S3000 [421KB]


Globalstar satellite telephones are a unique combination of GSM/Satellite and CDMA/Satellite communication technology. To use the service you'll need a single, compact, Globalstar compatible dual mode handset.

Globalstar puts the outback well and truly on the map with 100% coverage right across Australia, including up to 200 nautical miles from the mainland and Tasmania.

Globalstar mobile satellite phones function as both cellular and satellite phones, allowing you to stay in touch from virtually anywhere with reliable voice and data services.

Its compact construction makes it an ideal working partner for remote area construction teams, oil and exploration workers or adventurers who keep safety in mind.

Globalstar Telit 550


Telit SAT-550 - Dual-Mode (GSM, Globalstar Satellite)
Link Download PDF data sheet for Telit SAT550 [361KB]

Globalstar Telit 550

Qualcomm GSP -1600 - Dual-Mode (CDMA, Globalstar Satellite)
Download PDF data sheet for Qualcomm GSP 1600 [81KB]

Globalstar Marine kit for Telit 550Marine kit-for Telit SAT 550

Globalstar has produced a maritime kit for the Telit SAT-550 mobile satellite phone. The SAT-550X marine terminal offers dual-mode, satellite and GSM 900 communications.

Suitable for all seagoing vessels and occasional use on land or deck, the SAT-550 hand terminal can be unclipped and carried as a portable unit. The omni-directional waterproof antenna offers continuous operation even if the vessel pitches or rolls in rough weather.

Link Download PDF data sheet for Telit Marine Kit Page 1 [319KB]
Link Download PDF data sheet for Telit Marine Kit Page 2 [319KB]

Data terminal for Telit SAT 550

The data terminal DT600 or DT550 enables connection of your Globalstar/GSM Telit Sat 600 or Sat 550 mobile phone to a portable computer, for data transmission both on GSM 900 MHz frequency mode and Globalstar satellite mode.

To use this terminal, the relative driver must be installed (supplied on the CD ROM) on a computer running on an MS Windows(r) 98/NT/2000 operating system.

Telit 550 Data Kit

Download PDF data sheet for Telit Data Kit [258KB]

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