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Satellite payphones

In remote areas where there is no telecommunication service, satellite payphone is the answer for communicating to the outside world. The payphone offers means to extend the reach of existing fixed or wireless networks into new areas, where phone communications have previously been impossible or prohibitively expensive to install. Payphones can be installed in areas such as: rural business, gas stations, public parks or for road side and emergency services in remote areas. They can easily be connected to a satellite communication terminal such as VSAT.

Our range of payphones can be configured to accept any form of payment, from phonecards, to smart or magnetic stripe cards, cash or tokens.

Australian Satellite Services offers a variety of payphones two of which are pictured below:

Schlumberger Satellite PayPhone - Access model
Schlumberger Satellite PayPhone - Grafit model
Indoor model Outdoor model

Downloadable PDF brochures

Link Payphones brochure [186KB]

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