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Satellite Tracking & Monitoring

Australian Satellite Services is able to supply tracking systems that enable fleet operators to remotely monitor and analyse the performance of their fleet no matter how remote the location. Fleet operators can obtain real time or historical trip information, which allows accurate analysis of efficiency, delivery times or simply finding out exact, up to the moment location of the asset for security reasons or in case of an emergency.

Australian Satellite Services provides products that use state-of-the-art technologies to allow clients to track, manage and control remote assets, both fixed and mobile, and to monitor and control conditions, all in real time if required.

With products and services that we offer it is possible to monitor the moisture level in a field several thousand kilometres away and remotely adjusting the irrigation accordingly or monitoring and controlling the temperature in a refrigerated container travelling through the Nullarbor or turning water pipelines on and off. The system will even alert you to unauthorised use or intrusion of any remote asset.

These systems can also integrate with a diverse range of communications medium options, such as Trunking Radio, GSM, CDMA, Satellite, and Conventional Radio networks. With this level of flexibility, vehicles and assets may be remotely monitored regardless of geographic location and operational boundaries.
This flexible and very reliable state-of-the-art system saves both time and money by significantly reducing maintenance costs in manpower, equipment and downtime. It also provides added security to both assets and people travelling through the remote parts of Australia.

If you have needs to track or monitor remote assets and would like to obtain more information please Contact us.

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