ASC has provided numerous satellite communications solutions to the Construction sector in remote locations.

We have designed and commissioned point to point and shared satellite communication systems enabling head offices to communicate with remotely located construction offices and sites. High speed data, telephony, fax, e-mail and Pre-paid voice and internet have been the most common requirements.

Construction operations are predominantly remote, sometimes hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town. In recent years business pressures have required construction companies to increase efficiency through use of advanced IT systems. When site diagrams, construction changes and project scopes are edited, these often large files need head office consideration therefore reducing time by sending drafts for approval. VSAT technology can transfer the data back to base, the data can be interpreted by the experts and in turn direct the constructors in virtually real-time.

Complex satellite communications solutions are not the only solution we can offer. Due to the stringent demands of OH&S regulations, portable satellite phones have been used extensively in remote locations to ensure the safety of personnel. ASC has a large range of such solutions on hand and has successfully provided it's services to this industry for many years, solutions include mobile VSAT terminals for transportable communications and Pre-Paid internet and voice to keep construction workers in touch with friends and families.