KSA studio launchDistance Education in Australia

ASC has supplied and supported Department of Education and Training with multimedia distance learning programs in remote locations within the Northern Territory, including many in the Northern Territory’s tropical areas, where weather conditions can jeopardize network performance.

The Northern Territory Government sought to add inbound video capability to the network and distance education students at remote sitesignificantly increase the number of Interactive Distance Learning lessons available so that students could interact more directly with teachers and peers. Through this project ASC again proved its ability to design, integrate and manage a significant turnkey solution and meet an ambitious implementation schedule.

In addition, the Northern Territory government was to share the network capacity with other government agencies and departments including the Department of Health and Families  throughout the Northern Territory.NTG Teleport

A dedicated Service Management Centre was required to support the operation of the network and has ASC Engineers permanently based at the Network station based in Darwin.

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