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Emergency Response

ASC offer a number of turnkey solutions for the emergency response sector

Emergency Services across Australia depend on communication in order to provide an effective public service, from law enforcement to disaster control. It is not only in remote areas that satellite communications is an ideal solution - during catastrophic events that disable terrestrial services, there is often no other reliable option. For example, the ‘Black Saturday’ fires in early 2009 that ravaged through Victoria destroyed in excess of ten mobile phone base stations, paralysing emergency services and the public alike.

ASC offer a number of turnkey solutions for the emergency response sector, including rapid auto deploy systems and special satellite plans that take into account the infrequent operational requirement, thus reducing the operational cost to cover only the bare essentials to keep the service running, with the capability to burst to maximum data rates and usage at a moments notice. Thus the monthly access plans remain at low manageable level, with a daily rate applied when the system is deployed for an actual event.

In addition to VSAT systems that can handle a full compliment of secure data, voice and video services, ASC also provide mobile satellite phones to Emergency Services, mostly to cater to remote area operations. ASC are able to design, implement and support solutions that can meet all the demands of this sector.

ReadyCONNECT™ Portable Emergency Response Satellite Communication System

ReadyCONNECT™ answers the call for Cyclone Yasi


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Qld Dept of Community Safety






ReadyCONNECT set up at Cardwell Fire Station during Cyclone YasiFebruary 2011

"The ReadyCONNECT™ satellite system supported our fire operations in both Cardwell and Tully in the immediate aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Yasi. We were in a situation where we had initially no power or communications and the system allowed us to communicate and effectively manage tasking, resources and damage assessments. Just today, the system is being moved into our base of operations where we are providing support to Red Cross and a number of other agencies that will provide a wireless network for all to use. The system has been of great advantage to us during this period and supplemented our existing systems well"

Steve Rothwell

Assistant Commissioner

Queensland Rural Fire Service

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