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ASC high performance maritime satellite service offers low contended high speed broadband internet, business grade voice and other IP applications for both the luxury and commercial maritime sectors.

With proven reliability, stability and availability over the GE23 satellite, Australian Satellite Communications can deliver a customised solution using iDirect This provides broadband IP technology. robust voice communications and high speed Internet access for multiple users the added benefit of Pre-Paid internet and Voice for staff and customers.

ASC has expertise to install SeaTel antenna systems and has the appropriate trained staff for SeaTel antennacommissioning, maintenance, repairs and supporting all equipment. In addition to the marine stabilized VSAT antenna system, ASC also has the ability to supply, install and maintain SeaTel Television systems (TVRO) to ensure that not only do you have Broadband, but also the luxury of watching live Television.

ASC covers most of the South Pacific Ocean, North Pacific Ocean and parts of Asian Ocean on Ku and C-Band dedicated or shared services. ASC has got further agreements with partners if coverage out side of the current areas are required. ASC has invested in launching it new BPSK service for the use of 60 cm Maritime antennas along the Australian and New Zealand Coasts to cater for smaller vessels and smaller antenna systems.

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What our customers say....


Coral Princess Cruises website

March 2011

"Whether our guests are joining "Oceanic Discoverer" on expeditions in Western Australia's remote Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia or New Zealand, the ability to instantly share their vacation experiences with friends and family at home has become increasingly important over recent years. We also recognize the importance for our crew to maintain contact with their family. Although our expeditions take in some of the most remote and inaccessible locations throughout the South Pacific, our guests and crew are now able to communicate with the home front both quickly and cost effectively, from any location at any time of day.Oceanic Discoverer - PNG

Choosing the right system to meet our client's expectations, along with our internal requirements for reliable and cost effective communications between Head Office and the ship, was vital and ASC has delivered an integrated system that has exceeded our stated ambitions. The ASC system is not only cost effective, but surprisingly "fast" for satellite technology and we have been delighted with the ease of the installation process and the ongoing technical support provided by ASC.

Client uptake of both the telephony and internet systems has been instantaneous, exceeding our expectations and offering a good return on our investment.

We have been so impressed with the service and expertise provided by ASC that we will shortly begin the installation of the same system aboard "Coral Princess" ahead of our 2011 Kimberley Coast cruising season."

Captain Tony Briggs
Founder and Managing Director
Coral Princess Cruises

The Great Escape Charter CompanyJanuary 2009

“I have just navigated the Great Escape around the peripheral of cyclone Dominic. Our new marine VSAT satellite voice and data system from Australian Satellite Communications using the small commercial grade Sea Tel 2406 antenna was used continually to download live weather information and keep in phone contact with our Broome head office during cyclonic type weather including some torrential rain conditions. Critical decisions needed to be made quickly in such arduous conditions and reliable high speed broadband internet assisted greatly throughout the entire journey”

The Great Escape vesselCaptain Chris Tucker "Trippy"

The Great Escape Charter Company


“We are now able to conduct our business from offshore and shore to ship reliably. At the same time provide also our clients affordable high speed internet and voice via our pre-paid voice and internet systems for safety, business and keeping clients and crew in contact with families. From the remote Kimberly Coast region and nearly north to Indonesia, the Australian Satellite Communications MSAT service works extremely well and has made a major difference”

Kylie Bartle

General Manager

The Great Escape Charter Company

The Great Escape Charter Company Case Study