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Our solutions are flexible and designed with performance and economic benefit to the customer

Companies in the oil & gas industry require constant contact with the outside world - whether they are located offshore or hundreds of kilometres inland. Information is the key in any decision making process, whether the information is environmental emission limits, operating targets, product qualities or accurate view of production. This information needs to be provided to decision makers regardless how far they are from the actual work site.

ASC has been involved in this industry over a decade. Our services to oil & gas vary from supply of satellite phones through to major projects providing communication between several sites and managed from our headquarters in Adelaide.

Our solutions are flexible and designed with performance and economic benefit to the customer. Australian Satellite Communications has HUET certified technicians and engineers to enable them attend offshore projects.

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what our customers have to say...

ConocoPhillipsAustralian Satellite Communications( ASC ) have been a long term service provider for the ConocoPhillips Bayu Undan Oil and Gas production facilities located some 600km NW of Darwin the in the Timor Sea.

In an ongoing role since project inception, ASC have provided both primary and secondary satellite service to the fields permanent production facilities, as well as fixed and stabilised satellite platforms for drill rigs and ( ASVs ) Accommodation and Service Vessels .

Skilled and innovative in design and implementation of satellite service in remote areas, ASC provide the highest standard of communications service as required by ConocoPhillips in the production and maintenance roles carried out by the rigs engineering and support community offshore.

The reliable nature of ASC solutions, combined with a professional and responsive service centre, make ASC a partner of choice in communications solutions for ConocoPhillips in the Australasian Business Unit.

Ralph Alexander I.Eng MIEEE BBC C.Eng

Telecommunications Engineer


Beach Energy website“ASC’s equipment has been crucial in enabling our remote operations to run successfully. The support that ASC offers is of a very high standard which is crucial to Beach Energy”.

Simon McMahon

IT Manager, Beach Energy