ASC are able to design robust

multi-site solutions

Utility services depend on country wide communications for remote monitoring and control of critical systems. From the delivery of electricity to the piping of water across many kilometres, the utility companies have many un-manned remote site operations that require the ability for instant intervention on an event driven basis - from closing circuit breakers to opening valves, as well as security monitoring over remote video systems.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the name given to the portfolio of communication services that is widely used by the Utilities sector. SCADA is delivered over all forms of communications bearers, from PSTN dial-up modems to GSM and Satellite. ASC are able to design robust multi-site solutions utilising VSAT technology as the primary SCADA remote siteinformation transport.

SCADA can be delivered effectively using VSAT technology as well as BGAN, and in the near future, Thuraya. BGAN and Thuraya are more suited to applications that need to cater to a smaller number of sites.

APA SCADA Network - Case Study